JCV virus infection at presentation of MS

Delbue S, Tadeo CS, Elia F, Ferrante P. Intervirology. JC Virus Replication at the First Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Report. 2015;58:278-282.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune, demyelinating disorder of unknown aetiology, in which viruses have been suggested as aetiological/triggering agents. The attention to the association between viruses and MS has been rekindled by the development of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in natalizumab-treated MS patients. Here we report the case of a woman with JC virus (JCV) replication in the cerebrospinal fluid, blood and urine collected at the first symptoms of MS and during several follow-up visits. This observation shows that JCV can be associated with MS without a relation with natalizumab treatment, although the triggering role of JCV in some cases of MS will require further studies.

This is interesting. Someone with MS with frank viral infection. Is this MS or is it PML masqurading as MS. Is MS due to the effective killing of JC virus infected oligodendrocytes so that it remains undetected? Could it remain undetected when so many people have looked for virus. People say that JC virus only infects 50% of people  with MS, but anti-viral ELISAs and PCR are not infallable. However if this were the case once you have Stem cell transplants would we not get PML raising its head. Maybe ProfG can take a break from enjoying Lake Maggoire to tell us why not. 

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    Prof G will be too busy to comment. Staying in luxury hotels, fine dining etc. can be tiring. I'm sure he'll report back on the key messages from the ECF annual jaunt to Italy. I suspect Prof M is a bit envious. Prof G can scrub up well – Armani suit, handmade Italian shoes… The Italians are known for their fashion – a middle aged, pony tail wearing man from Mexborough, with a suit from Matalan wearing a body-warmer does fit well with the Italian style. Don't fit the mice on gorgonzola!

    • It was my turn last year…so I guess the italians like individuality?
      Mexboro is near Doncaster?

      Are you trying to get me to say sorry, so I can get a different class of abuse?

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