Knights leave the Blog

4 years on, the first crusade is over, sorry.

After some final thoughts the White Knight
Dies of their wounds.

The White Knights are no more on this blog:-(
Will the Chronicles ever get told?
We will send a link some day

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  • Mr Angry says good riddance. Couldn't stand this gobbledegook. I suspect Prog G was also sick of all this King Arthur twaddle. Your job Prof M is to inject rodents with stuff and watch them squirm. It's what you are good at. Leave crusades to real men.

  • "4 years on, the first crusade is over, sorry."

    To be honest, I wasn't really aware that it had started. Shame – it might have been as good a tale of honour and valour and triumph of light over darkness as Lord of the Rings? Seems Saruman wins in your tale – bit of a flat ending.

    • Does this show how much attention you have been paying.

      Is it the End? the end of the beginning? or the beginning of the end? 🙂

    • Does this show how much attention you have been paying.

      – Yes. Guilty as charged. Must do better, I know. But I would feel worse about that if I had actually missed a good story! But perhaps you are doing something ingenious, like telling the story backwards, unravelling a tale of intrigue? Then it makes sense to kill your hero already. Agatha Christie did this, in a way. Someone dies in the beginning, then we find out how / why.

  • As the crusades have failed and the knights are dead, why can't you now disclose what all this was about? Time this teasing stopped. I imagine great efforts were being made to achieve something, but we can't thank you / admire you as we don't know what it was about. In a past life, did you write the clues for 3-2-1? You are the Dusty Bin of MS researches. Ted Rogers would have been proud of you.

    • Nothing to admire and no teasing ever . Now it has stopped. Did is achieve Anything?
      Time will tell. but I think so. It can't be disclosed until the film is ready.

      Best wishes Dusty:-)

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