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“Barts-MS received the following certificate from the MS Trust for raising £2524.25 from our team run in July. Mouse Doctor was a little upset that his name was left off the certificate; he did his 10km on a cross-trainer in the gym instead of pounding the roads of London. A large number of our blog followers sponsored us; so a big  thank you for helping us raise the money.”

“Somebody challenged me yesterday to run next year’s London marathon. I would love to, but until I start running regularly (4 or more times per week) I will not know if my hip is up to it. I am too scared to have an x-ray in case I find out if I have osteoarthritis. I am in denial; not too dissimilar from a large number of my patients who don’t want to know if there MS is active on MRI or not.”

“I will only commit to next year’s marathon if I am confident of being able to get the training in and being able to complete the race. I will keep you informed on the running side of my “Brain Health” initiative.”

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Professor of Neurology, Barts & The London. MS & Preventive Neurology thinker, blogger, runner, vegetable gardener, husband, father, cook and wine & food lover.


  • I was put off high impact exercise in the 70s when I realised my games teachers were permanently damaged – so please don't do your self harm.

    Also, thanks for the prompt on finding out if MS is active on MRI or not. I am clinically NEDA and
    I havev't been offered a scan, so I guess I should ask.

    Thanks to everybody who took part in the team run. Including using a cross-trainer.

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