The White Noise in MS treatments – survey

Like white noise, the choice of MS treatments is a series of uncorrelated random variables. But what will you choose if it is you in the hot seat, and money was not a factor and the packaging didn’t matter?

White noise

Below are three possible no frills MS treatments, have a look at each one carefully and then complete the survey below.

Treatment options “X, Y, Z”

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Neuro Doc Gnanapavan


    • As far as treatment is concerned there is no such thing as risk free or one without side effects. Safety is a relative concept, regulatory agencies decide for us what is an acceptable risk, but I believe we should be able to decide this for ourselves.

  • We need more information than 'Low' and "High'
    You cannot choose one of these without knowing what the risks are and what the benefits are
    So I will note fill in the survey

    • These are arbitrary and will depend on what you perceive to be high risk vs low risk, greatest benefit vs small benefit. Not everyone thinks or assimilates information in the same way.

  • There have been ~150 replies to this survey. Out of this we've received only one respondent from the Biotech front – be brave and voice your opinions!



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