Advent Calendar 1

Someone has asked about Research Day and Advent Calendar which we have been doing for the past few years.

As you know I get dressed up in new outfits to advertise the Research Day.
This is being organised by UCLp again….and surprise, surprise they have been abit slow again…and so I am not sure of when 
and if the event will happen.
I have heard Church House in London may be a Venue 
and it may be in June.

 Sadly this will be the Last Advent Calendar as the House of Mouse run by Anna and Naiomi has closed its doors in 2015 and I no longer have a Taylor to make new Outfits.
But I have a few outfits in reserve and as a bit of Christmas Cheer we can give it a run and have some fun….The Scrooges out there can just bite their tounge

So today I am MD2 in a Santa Outfit

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