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  • I hope he is more successful at plotting than Guy Fawkes. Until we are told what happened with Charcot Project 1, I won't get too interested in Charcot 2. We are probably looking at 2020, before the proof of concept work for Charcot 2 is reported (given the experience of Charcot 1). Should we not rename the Project 'Chilcot Project' another piece of work which has taken years and years and is still not published.

    • The Investigators meeting was only last week, it will be submitted soon, but you know the result so what are you griping about?:-(

  • One simple question is that since 95% of adult humans have the EBV and only a fraction of a fraction of adult humans get MS, logic would dictate EBV is not the cause of MS.

    You would think Team G and the rest would have something more concrete to base their hypothesis on. Somehow they are able to get funding for theses studies which is amazing. The MS research community must be over saturated with research grant money which explains why some of these approaches are sought.

    Too much money and too little brains is a phrase that fits the situation perfectly.

    • Anon 5;41
      You don't get it do you? Yes lots of the population have had EBV yet all pwMS have. No-one is saying that EBV is the primary cause as other factors such as genetic background come into play.
      The fact so many are working and getting funding in this area shows it is a more than palusible avenue of research. Who knows, there might be an EBV vaccine that stops people getting MS, how great would that be?

    • A lot of people smoke, all don't get lung cancer
      A lot of people are bitten by anopheles mosquitoes, all don't get malaria
      A lot of people have EBV, all don't get glandular fever

      and so on

    • Mousedoctor2,

      You need to talk to your Professor G because you obviously have not been listening to what he has been saying. He believes EBV is the direct and primary cause of MS.

      There is no doubt EBV plays a role but G's hypothesis is ludicrous and brings into doubt the man's level of intellegence.

    • "A lot of people smoke, all don't get lung cancer
      A lot of people are bitten by anopheles mosquitoes, all don't get malaria
      A lot of people have EBV, all don't get glandular fever

      and so on"

      By this logic you can say CCSVI has a basis. You can make anything real if you believe hard can't you?

      The Charcot project elevated a lot of hopes for MSers just as the "Liberation" treatments did. I guess Charcot II will continue and III,IV,… In the end it won't matter because just as CCSVI is still a promise to those few hard core cheerleaders so will this.

    • "A lot of people smoke, all don't get lung cancer…"

      This is precisely the point. What G is saying is analogous to saying that if all people who smoke have cancer, yet not all people who smoke get cancer the conclusion is smoking is the cause of cancer.

      His hypothesis is all people with MS have EBV, but not all people with EBV have MS thus G concludes EBV causes MS.

      This is illogical.

      There is no doubt EBV has a role in MS just like smoking has a role in lung cancer and both should be continued to be studied to gain insight on how they effect their respective diseases.

      However using G as a mouuthpiece for EBV and how it relates to MS is doing more damage than good for those who clearly want to understand how it impacts the disease.

    • Anon 11:57 are you pretending to be obtuse?? Because smoking certainly causes cancer!
      As is printed on every cigarette packet, in large letters

    • AnonymousSaturday, December 12, 2015 5:20:00 pm,

      If your saying that cigarette smoking is the cause of all lung cancer you are sadly mistaKen as is Dr. G when he makes the statement that EBV is the cause of MS.

      Smoking increases your risk of getting lung cancer but it does not cause all lung cancer. Likewise EBV does not cause MS but it makes those with the right genes more susceptible to getting MS. G would like you to think otherwise and with the failure of the Charcot project he has little ground to stand on.

      I feel sorry for those scientists diligently working to find out why EBV effects the immune system to make people come down with ms only to have to be lumped with outliers like G.

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