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Today I an  ProfDave the chemist and the inventor of VSN16R, will the trial work? We’ll have to wait until 2016.

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    • No. You will probably hear about the result in the financial pages, because the deal in the public domain becomes a reality. This means it works.

      If it does not work you will have to wait for the publication or if you see that the phase III is recruiting you can assume it worked.

      As soon as data is locked down occurs it will be analysed and it will be prepared for publication positive or negative, but you won't get it here. until it is presented in the public domain. I will guarentee you that.

      Why…You know essentially nothing about this molecule, bar the name (VSN16R), yet it was made in late 2001, so trust me I can wait for publication!! This is the scientific process!

      The Charcot project was a very public affair and ProfG posted a comment to stop the non-stop questioning about the result.

    • If you know where to look there is alot more out there too, including the patents and other sources but I am not going to tell you where to look.

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