Its not all doom and gloom

Look what santa has left…a book

What have those posts really been about for the past 4 years…

It does not have to be All Doom and Gloom 

Want to read the book & explain the Pictures (CLICK HERE

Wonder what’s next (CLICK HERE

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  • Wow I suspected that the work to bring a new drug / search was large but did not think it was these difficulties proportions. So in my vows in 2016 I wished courage and strength to you the Barts, do not give up the Cladribine (I have talked about it here in Brazil), do not give up this brilliant work, do not give up on us MSers we need a lot of work as realized by you. I've read/researched on Cladribine/ Movectro and so far have not seen another substance that had the efficacy/cost/benefit as advantageous. That 2016 is a year in which we see the Cladribine joining the list of treatment approved for MS, even though generic. Forward Knights o//

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