Mums call the Shots when it children are influenced

Razaz N, Joseph KS, Boyce WT, Guhn M, Forer B, Carruthers R, Marrie RA, Tremlett H. Children of chronically ill parents: Relationship between parental multiple sclerosis and childhood developmental health. Mult Scler. 2015 Dec. pii: 1352458515621624. [Epub ahead of print] BACKGROUND:Exposure to parental chronic illness is associated with adverse developmental outcomes.OBJECTIVE:We...

Targeting B cell activating factor

Changes in Blood B Cell-Activating Factor (BAFF) Levels in Multiple Sclerosis: A Sign of Treatment Outcome. Kannel K, Alnek K, Vahter L, Gross-Paju K, Uibo R, Kisand KV. PLoS One. 2015; 10(11):e0143393. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is mediated primarily by autoreactive T cells. However, evidence suggesting the involvement of humoral immunity in brain diseases has increased interest in the...

Advent Calendar 26

Today I’m ProfB Suited & Booted…Wonder if he got a Comedy Christmas Jumper?

Yes the advent calender ended there are a few mice left before we run out of House of Mouse Pictures

Its not all doom and gloom

Look what santa has left…a book

What have those posts really been about for the past 4 years…

It does not have to be All Doom and Gloom 

Want to read the book & explain the Pictures (CLICK HERE) 

Wonder what’s next (CLICK HERE) 


We (DrK) have a project on trying to develop cladribine for people with MS as we believe that it has value as a DMT that is effective, relatively safe, convenient, CNS penetrant to target disease activity, and cost-effective (CLICK).  ProfG led on this with Merck for the commercial product (Movectro) that was licenced in Australia and Russia in 2010 Since the cessation of commercial...

Advent Calendar 24

Happy Holidays and we Hope that Santa Brings you some nice prezzies.

So that’s it for the House of Mouse Calendar. 

We will have to see if there are any more characters to do this again.If not thanks to Naomi and Anna the creators of the Mice.

Hope it brought a smile to some of you…there is no pleasing some grumpies…Maybe Santa can?

White first then grey or confusion then clarity

Bodini B, Chard D, Altmann DR, Tozer D, Miller DH, Thompson AJ, Wheeler-Kingshott C, Ciccarelli O. White and gray matter damage in primary progressive MS: The chicken or the egg? Neurology. 2015. pii: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000002237. [Epub ahead of print] OBJECTIVE:The temporal relationship between white matter (WM) and gray matter (GM) damage in vivo in early primary progressive multiple sclerosis...



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