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This time the video works:-)

We have shelved our attempt to deliver cladribine for relapsing MS in the UK, maybe movectro will return. Please see the white Knight Diaries as no one wants to fund such a study to know more :-(. However, whislt we are down we are not yet out.

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  • So, as cladribine is already approved for use in Australia and Russia, maybe Pharma should start making it available again in these countries, and keep extensive clinical records of the outcomes experienced by people for whom it is prescribed. All the other drugs get post-trial follow-ups and data collection once they are released for use, so maybe such an approach could get the data that is needed to get cladribine over the line elsewhere. Not a true clinical trial, but may a bit of lateral thinking could get a positive outcome.

    • This I believe is what Merck will have done, they are following up the people who were started on cladribine following licencing as part of their pharmacovigilance programme, this along with data of their oracle trial the clarity extension and the other study presented at AAN I suspect will form the basis of their application to the EMA. They hope this will get them over the line.

      Will it be enough to get a European licence?

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