MS Life 2016

This year ECTRIMS 2016 is in London, United Kingdom

Perhaps 8,000-9,000 Neuros, Nurses, pharma bods will come  and perhaps be sad that the venue is nowhere near Buckingham Palace

It will be the East-End of London, near to City Airport in the Docklands at the ExCel Centre

But as soon as the Neuros move out, you can move-in. 
MS Life 2016 , the flagship MS Society meeting for pwMS has left the GMax in Manchester for this year and according to the MS Society Admin, it is planned for the weekend of 17th/18th September at London’s ExCel Centre, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL.

I am sure we will get more news on this but save the date…P.S. I bet you can find parking around there.

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  • Ha Ha MD! I'd like you to come and travel around London with me for a day.
    What time of day do you have to get to Barts to snatch one of those bays outside Henry VIII gate?

    • No Idea I don't work around Charterhouse Square, but if I did I would be trying to get a College permit. Driving to work Lovely Jubbly 90-120min to drive 6 miles….maybe that's why I use public transport..however on a sunday I may risk it as the area is rather dead compared to a working day:-)

  • Not really related, but as an American whose entire experience in the UK consists of having changied planes at Heathrow once, the only place I'm eager to see in London is the east end! Partly because I read this blog, but mostly because I watch a lot of Call the Midwife.

    • You'ld be in for a shock then…as Call the Midwifes is filmed in Chatham Dockyards (put in ME4 4TY in google maps), which is not in London.

      Most of the East End got a make-over in the 1940s thanks to the Luffwaffe followed by Urban design in the 1960s and much of that Victorian Charm was destroyed.

    • Hi Anon 3:28, Call the Midwife was originally filmed in Mill Hill. The BBC had to relocate due to property developers intention to build new homes, although the exterior is still there. This is walking distance from the church that William Wilberforce(abolition of slavery fame) had built for the people of Mill Hill. Further along there is the imposing building of the Medical Research Centre which was used in one of the Batman films. This is north west London. However, if you interested in visiting the east end, you will find plenty to see that the Luftwaffe didn't destroy including the London Hospital. There are loads of professionally guided tours of the area.

    • Check out the Ripper (aka Jack the Ripper) tours around Whitechapel! The Royal London Hospital (sold to pay for the hefty PFI bill) now belongs to Tower Hamlets whilst St Bartholomew's Hospital still belongs to the hospital Trust.

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