Research Day 2016

You asked will there be a research Day in 2016?

This year the Research Day is being organized by Neuros from the Royal Free Hospital in UCL.

They have booked Church House in London for June.

I am not sure of the planned date….. It was mentioned last week and Sir Jeremy said it was the Queen’s Birthday (maybe he is after a real knighthood), which would put it on June 11th (this is not the real Birthday which is in April) when there would be Trooping of the Colour (Click) so pencil in the date. I will confirm If this is the case it may be difficult to park

It is also the European Championships but for those Interested Wales play at 17.00 and England at 20.00

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  • Just read the accessibility details on Church House Website. Thinking that our blue badges aren't valid in Westminster. It depends how many disabled people are expected to attend as to whether the building and it's facilities are accessible.

    • SW1P 3NZ

      View result on a map
      SW1P 3NZ
      Zone D4 – £2.40 an hour

      Hours of Control:
      Paid-For Bays 0830 – 1830 Mon – Fri
      Resident Bays 0830 – 1830 Mon – Sat (except Maunsel St 0830 – 2230 Mon – Sat)

    • With respect MD this is a tourist area, do you really believe these bays will be available? I've spent hours looking at maps, trying to find places to park. No one believes how hard it is until they come out with me and see for themselves how hard it is. In central London Blue badge abuse is rife.

    • I have no idea I am afraid as I use public transport to these events, but people who have travelled by car in past years will know better than me.
      Please comment. First we need to confirm the date because if it is trooping of the colour the area maybe rammed if not it may be quite however we have done them there in February.

    • The trick is to get there early, before the tourists etc take them.

      Why have the open day on the same day as trooping the colour? Surely a lot of that part of london will be cordoned off, Us country bumkins have enough trouble getting there, this will be yet another obsticle

    • Left our car on double yellows all weekend last time at the back of the Church rooms.
      Restriction free at weekends, but be careful it doesn't include bank hols.It is a good venue anon. Re tourist area, you'll be amazed how traffic free it is around the back of the Church rooms, also I think West Minster tubes has lifs ( if working)

      Regards as always.

    • may sure you are legal to park Westminister are Devils, I cannot forget the field day they have on bank holidays when their parking restrictions are still in force 200 cars with wonder their poll tax is low:-)

    • Is this still happening? I would love to attend but I cant see what date it will be. Thanks!

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