Education:The Role of B Cells in MS

If you want to learn abit more about B cells, you can check out the video from Roche the makes of an anti-B cell agent

Yesterday we were talking about how to pronounce some words
Sometimes it is difficult to work these out

If you want you can put on the subtitles on the Video
However for Non-English Speakers be Warned it is a New Language 🙂
The spellin leaves abit to be desired
D myelination = Demyelination
maya lin = myelin
ac zon = axon
apparently it says
“In MS some autoreactive B cells are able to bypass these checkpoints” ….:-)
Enjoy the Video.
There is a Nipple in the Video 🙁
The Role of B cells in MS

The also make videos for you
This called understanding MS

The next Episode on Immune cells can’t wait.
Which style do you prefer?

CoI. These videos are made my Roche Nothing to do with me

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  • The B-cell video is pretty good as an introduction to the topic – but I still prefer the original publication by Steve Hauser on the story of B-cells in MS, with twists and turns.
    The second video is an oversimplification, it does not teach much.

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