You say Tomato, we sayTomarto, You say Potato we say Drug Names

How do you say drug names?…This is a difficult one. 
We may say the same word, but it may sound differently. 
e.g. Microglia (meaning small glia) = Micro Glia but I have heard Mike Rog Lee A. 

So the intonation can make a big difference. When I go to Slovenia and speak no one can understand me because of my rubbish pronounciation….there is one place called Ptuj (Pah two Ee) sounding/reading like nothing but when asking directions blank faces abound. On a recent Chat show Lilly Tomlin (American Actor) had no idea what a Scottish Comedian was saying.  However, in London/UK we hear the same word said hundreds of different ways because of the many different accents and you have to guess whats being said.

How should drugs be Pronounced?  

The medical students come up with some funny sounding ones. 

Americans can saw words differently such as Iran is Eye Ran in American and Ee Ran in British, Moss Co. (Moscow) in British Moss Cow in American ….Para Seat A Moll (paracetamol) in British and Ass seat amino fen  (Acetaminophen) in American:-) in fact Brits say A Me No  and not A My No (amino)

So I may get them wrong about how to say the names of MS drugs. Here goes. The companies can email us if we get it wrong

Co Pax Own  (Copaxone)        
Ow Badge Ee Oh (Aubagio)  
Am Pie Ra/Fam Pie Ra (Ampyra/Fampyra) 
Av On Ex (Avonex).  Have =Av
Tie Sab Ree (Tysabri), 
Ree Biff (Rebif),                
Jill En Ya (Ja) (Gilenya), 
Beta Seer On/ Beta fear On (betaseron/betaferon), 
Lem Trar Da (Lem trada), 
Plegg Rid Ee (Plegridy)    E as in Sea/See
Ex Tave Ee A (Extavia)

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  • My neurologist had to tell me how to pronounce Lhermitte's – I'm used to German, in which vowels are pronounced. As for drug names, however, I just don't care. Actually, people often mispronounce my (real) name and I don't bother correcting them.

  • It's not the older or fairly new drugs I have problems with – it's all them new fangled mab things – which of all those multiple syllable has the emphasis????

  • hahahahaha of all the things i've been worried about since the MS thing, pronouncing drugs correctly has not even been on the list, let alone on top of it. I pronounce tysabri as teesabri, much to my amusement and to the annoyance of my partner's neuro who never fails to correct me lol. i pronounce Ocrelizumab as the O drug (I'm not crazy enough to even attempt it). I understand why you would be concerned with the correct pronounciation though 😉

    • I believe you read comments but you maybe don't because if you had you will note that someone asked how do you pronounce drug names. That is why it was posted. If someone does not know then others will not know either

      "AnonymousThursday, February 18, 2016 6:30:00 pm
      It would be nice if you guys could post how to pronounce various MS drug names. For eg – I would like to know if there is an emphasis on 'o' in Copaxone, what does the 'g' sound like in gilenya. I have heard doctors and nurses pronounce them many different ways!"

      I dont get to listen to how people pronounce drugs, because I dont meet people with MS on a day to day basis

    • I sit down and read the comments when I have the time. I sometimes learn as much from comments as from entries. I didn't read the comment asking how drugs are pronounced, I may have missed it or skipped over it. But as my comment was a intended to be a funny description of how I choose to pronounce drug names, my comment would not have changed regardless if I was responding to your entry or to the original person asking. I don't mind the entry and I understand why a person who gives world wide presentations would need to pronounce drug names correctly as opposed to me, who mispronounces tysabri intentionally. Even if no one asked how to proncounce drug names, I still think there would be benefit in having this post on correct pronounciation and my comment would still remain lol. Thanks MouseDoctor!

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