Education: Dissecting A Brain

You have been learning Brain Anatomy.

              Today I show a dissection of a real human brain
                If this is too close for comfort don’t view 

                           This the work of the MS Society Tissue Bank
      If you are viewing this please consider Donating Your Brain
                                           (CLICK HERE)

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  • Very interesting.
    Can you also show inflamed aerea due to MS?

    And a question: if you are given brain tissue do you also receive MRI data to make precise cuts and investigate the areas affected by infammation?


  • Thanks, a real insight. You can see pictures in books and it's just not quite the same as the privilege of witnessing (on film) a dissection. Hugely educational.

  • Interesting thanks. From what I am learning these are fixed brains and an unfixed brain is much softer. It would be difficult to make slices of an unfixed brain as it would be too soft.

    • Yes a fixed brain you can tell by the colour and also as you say it is harder, slicing an unfixed brain can be done with a sharp knife.

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