NSS–Vitamin D could be an issue. TeamG in the News


Last week TeamG was in the news….well to be Precise DrK and the students. 

They had come to the conclusion that enviroment rather than genes were particularly important and within a generation, immigrants into the UK with black skin had acquired a high risk of MS such that MS was as common in black females as it was common in white males in East  London. 

I knew it was covered in “The Times”-Newspaper but I had not seen it. So when I saw the title it seems like the journalist who wrote the piece must have (been a 40watter:-) and) had a epiphany and wrote MS may have something to do with sunlight. Whilst this may have got the juices going in the average readership….I suspect you were all saying, as I was….. “NSS”. Yawn is this a news worthy angle?

Hope they have more insight into Brexit and their view is contempary, otherwise they will be harping on about the British Empire:-)

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