ResearchSpeak: preventing MS by vaccinating against EBV

Is an EBV vaccination programme feasible? #NewsSpeak #MSBlog #ResearchSpeak

“Due to the vagaries of international travel my flight was so delayed last Thursday that I had to abort my travels to Florence. If I took my flight I would only have arrived after my session. Fortunately, Professor Julian Gold was able to present my slides and lead on the discussion. The following are my slides. Maybe I can do a Google Hangout on the topic so that I can explain the slides?” 

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  • Hello. Regarding EBV subject – Around two years ago there was a trial in Australia, where the progressive MS patient received EBV immunotherapy and his clinical condition greatly improved. Is there any news on this issue?

    • Yes, i heard the other day from MS Research Australia that Prof Michael Pender at Uni of QLD is looking at doing a trial of the same type with 10 patients now. Just seeking approval me thinks. Stay tuned.

  • Thanks for information. Please tell me if this is correct based on page 21/30? There is already a vaccine for EBV-IM available that is 78% effective that has been developed in 2007 and based on many studies showing a strong association between IM and MS, there has been no trials to see if prevention of IM with this vaccine prevents onset of MS? Why has this not been done already if researchers are serious to finding a cure to MS?

  • This post reminds me of a comment I made some weeks ago. I put it again here. BTW continue your great work! Best,

    XoR XoR Saturday, February 06, 2016 3:35:00 pm

    I recently went to my GP and I discovered that there is a vaccin against shingles aka herpes zoster. It might be (very) interesting to see the impact of this vaccine on MSers. I asked if I could be vaccinated but they told me you need to have 70 or 78 years old (note it is not in-between). Fun fact: the healthy life expectancy in my council is 55.7…

    It might be argued that one should be vaccinated before starting Cladribine (as it is one of the most probable side effect). No?

    • I got shingles last summer. I have SPMS and it really affected my MS. Too young to have the vaccine.

  • Preventing MS by vaccinating against EBV.
    Why not preventing MS with vitamin D3?
    Vitamin D3 would also be beneficial for osteopenia, osteoporosis and fracture risk in MS.

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