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Pint of Science is an opportunity to go listen to local Scientists present their research in a local pub in UK, USA, France Spain, Austria, South Africa. Italy Australia, Canada and Brazil 
This is occurring all round the UK and even in London
So when offered the chance to have a Pint
Surprise, Surprise I said Yes
    I don’t know why they put me with a potato field

They wanted a picture of me holding a Rabbit, not sure why,
maybe because the event is sponsored by the NC3Rs
So my Title is “Getting Rid of Stiffies”
 For over 18s Only

For anyone under 18-a rabbit is a white furry thing that hops, want more info go ask your mum or dad:-).

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  • After a night of Pints of Science I wonder how much research talk tends towards the:

    "This table actually resides in its own dimension. It is round like a flying saucer from Mars."

    "Uhhh yes, no. Ummm… I read about rings found around Uranus"

    "Well they really only clean the restrooms in the morning at the university."

    "I was going to start writing a clinical paper tonight about how this table is actually residing in another dimension… But I seem to have lost my hand."

  • Oh cool!!! I will now disclose to my friends here in Brazil, to see if we speak a bit of Sciences and leave even for a few minutes Impeachment situation of President Dilma Rousseff, the situation is very complicated even …

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