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ProfG on CLAD and why he thinks it will come back

Clinical efficacy of cladribine tablets in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS): final results from the 120-week phase IIIb extension trial to the CLARITY study (Poster 3.028). Authors: Gavin Giovannoni, Giancarlo Comi, Stuart Cook, Peter Rieckmann, Kottil Rammohan, Per Soelberg-Sorensen, Patrick Vermersch, E. Martin and Fernando Dangond

Some of you could not see the poster of the Alemtuzumab 10 year data so listen to Mario Habek give an info burst. 

Finally we have Prof Mark Freedman talking Aubagio.

Final Outcomes of the Teriflunomide Phase 2 Extension Study: 13 Years of Efficacy and Safety Results (Poster 3.027). Authors: Marcelo Kremenchutzky, Mark S Freedman, Amit Bar-Or, Annie Purvis, Myriam Benamor, Philippe Truffinet, and Paul W O’Connor

Prof Freedman will be back soon and has done a Guest Post on his soon to be published research. I can’t wait.

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  • Prof G, you really do mumble when you present. It's not the SA accent, because I've mixed with a lot of South Africans. Other than that I feel the Vlog was useful. The content was informative. It does highlight the question as to, do people drop out of studies because they feel well or they cannot tolerate the treatment?

  • Youtube works better than slideshare, which tends to be a bit glitchy for me.

    Is it possible to speculate how cladribine would fair against alemtuzumab head to head from an efficacy perspective? Curious, as it sold here as having a better safety profile & as more cost-effective.

  • Very nice to see Clad results tablet is better than many available DMTs, but we know that it definitely comes injectable and clears the brain dirt …

  • Definitely think the video content adds value. I too have had some problems with slideshare…

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