Water to the Rescue

Zhao M, Liu MD, Pu YY, Wang D, Xie Y, Xue GC, Jiang Y, Yang QQ, Sun XJ, Cao L. Hydrogen-rich water improves neurological functional recovery in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis mice. J Neuroimmunol. 2016;294:6-13.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS). The high costs, inconvenient administration, and side effects of current Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs often lead to poor adherence to the long-term treatment of MS. Molecular hydrogen (H2) has been reported to exhibit anti-oxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-cancer effects. In the present study, we explored the prophylactic and therapeutic effects of hydrogen-rich water (HRW) on the progress of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), the animal model for MS. We found that prophylactic administration of both 0.36mM and 0.89mM HRW was able to delay EAE onset and reduce maximum clinical scores. Moreover, 0.89mM HRW also reduced disease severity, CNS infiltration, and demyelination when administered after the onset of disease. Furthermore, HRW treatment prevented infiltration of CD4+ T lymphocytes into the CNS and inhibited Th17 cell development without affecting Th1 cell populations. Because HRW is non-toxic, inexpensive, easily administered, and can readily cross the blood-brain barrier, our experiments suggest that HRW may have great potential in the treatment of MS.

We are critisized for suggesting that pharma can and do produce drugs to treat MS that work (for some people with MS). Here is a non-pharma approach in EAE. Yep water. In this study you have hydrogen rich water, which can be made by placing a metallic magnesium stick into drinking water. However, in this case it 
was bought.

Is this going to replace DMT? 

So before you rush off of get some.

Remember in EAE  a  good DMT can eliminate disease not amelirorate it. 

Part II What was found?

Group        Incidence   Time of onset   Maximum score
Control       14 of 15     11.1 (± 0.9)        3.28 (± 0.5)   
(0.36 mM)   12 of 15     12.1 (± 0.4)⁎⁎           1.94 (± 0.16)⁎⁎ 
(0.89 mM)  12 of 15     13.7 (± 0.6)⁎⁎,           1.75 (± 0.27)⁎⁎,

In the same paradigm it would be 0/15 if you gave the animals fingolimod.

However, it was administered at 20ml/kg twice a day a so that is 0.5ml in a 25g mouse at twice a day, so that is 1ml a day. 

The current limit in the UK is 5ml/kg, so this is 4 times the limit and this result is probably a consequence of stress, as mice learn what is coming and twice a day can be stressful and the volume is so big that it will (osmotically=water balance) stress the animal meaning that animals will not get disease.

Put mice next to a building site and the incidence of EAE down, if you live next to a building site, does MS go away? 

So more good stuff from the Far East :-(, where it seems pharma are relocating their pre-clinical animal studies to.

It says “All animal experiments were performed in adherence with the National Institutes of Health Guidelines on the Use of Laboratory Animals and approved by the Second Military Medical University Committee on Animal Care”. 

Did the first committee get canned for actually supporting the ethical use of animals :-(. 

Yes, I will get criticized for highlighting such issues. 
Pop Science or Plop science?:-(

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  • And here in the other thread I thought you were rather joking in respect to water and quantifiable immunosuppressive properties. That's pretty amazing!

    My fiance' knew a fella who used to solve skin cancer by soaking gauze in 10w40 motor oil from his car (had to be used oil!) and taping it to the area with a sterile pad over the top. He said it killed the melanoma then he'd use cortisone over the area for some weeks.

    What about D2O which is hydrogen heavy water? All water has a little bit of deuterium in it. Same stuff produced for aiding operation is some types of (as Mr. Bush would say) Nucklear reactors.

  • Would this be a good candidate for Barts to reproduce. The researchers who did this are all in China. Thats not to suggest that Chinese mice .vs. English mice vary in anything other than diet and their politics 🙂

    Probably be lots of MSer's willing to consume water if it helps stop disease progression. Not sure how this might be explained clinically? Aka: We want to do a clinical trial of hydrogen rich water against MS patients… I'd imagine some eyebrows go up, "Did you say water?"… "Yes." … "Like… water?" … "Uh huh." … "You want expend resources to trial MS against water?" … "Not just any water. Hydrogen rich water." … "Ummm… hydrogen rich water?" … "Yes." … "In mice?" … "No, in patients" … "Water for patients?" … "Hydrogen rich water." … "Uh .. huh" …

    • Sorry, I still find it funny. The research conducted in China at what was named a military based institute.

      Towards the above clinical trial fictional request (continued)…

      "There is research from China suggesting it has immunosuppressive characteristics" … "In people with MS?" … "No in mice with EAE." … "In mice." … "Yes." … "Hydrogen rich water in mice." … "Yes." … "And, where was this study performed doctor?" … "At a military institute in China" … "Hydrogen enriched mice at a military institute in China?" … "Yes sir." … "Chinese military mice?" … "Ummm… I am not certain I would characterize them as military mice, sir." … "Do you know these researchers or mice Doctor? Have you spoken to them" … "Not personally sir, I've ummm… well here is the research paper." … … "The research says they gave the mice more water than is allowable for EAE research here." … "Hydrogen rich water, sir" … "Yes yes. Hydrogen rich water" … "Right." … "We know that mice get stressed out when given too many injections and due to aspects of that results are skewed." … "Yes sir. But a clinical trial in patients would not have that occur." … "A clinical trial would not have…" … "These appear to be reputable researchers sir, they have authored other studies." … "About water? Hydrogen rich water?" … "A variety of work sir." … "A variety of … …" … "Yes sir." … "So water as a preventive disease modifying treatment for MS?" … "Hydrogen rich water. Thats what they are suggesting sir." … "Did you want to go work for them?" … "Ummm… no sir" … "Perhaps they were drinking some hydrogen rich rice wine during the research?" … "Ummm… well… Ummm I…", "Or perhaps they are trying to produce hydrogen rich mice at this military institute to become weapons?" … "Ummm, err… weapons? … Sir?" … "Yes… like fissionable mice." … "Fissionable mice… ummm… Sir?" … "Yes. Like mousepocalypse." … "I… ummm… I dont ummm… Mousepocalypse?" … "Or maybe to cure some feline immune disease by feeding cats watered mice." … "Hydrogen rich mice… ummm… sir." … "Perhaps you have been working to hard doctor and need some time off. Hydrogen rich time off" … "Ummm… well… I…. Ummm" …

  • Presumably efficacy can be further increased by waving healing crytals over the mice as they are treated? 😉

    • And making sure that the mouse houses are properly constructed and aligned with Feng Shui principles, with an Aura reader on hand to monitor their little mousey auras

    • Everyone knows that healing crystals are completely anecdotal doctor.

      That was widely speculated for years throughout the entire chronic disease community and was finally proven to be false by researchers studying AEAA (Acute Enlarged Anal Accumulation) in raspberry flavored watered mice years ago.

      Pyramids are now considered the gold standard.

      Now… ALL mousecapades aside and CATerwallin'.

      In the UK many people under-go hyperbaric oxygen therapy, few places here in the USA I guess?

      Sup with that principally?

  • I could apply myself easy to this study…

    I drink nearly 2.5 liters of water every day, because I take Creatine before strength training, and 10.400 iu of vitamin D3 every days at lunch, trying to help my kidneys in its filtering work.

    Now certainly a lot of research would "ugly face" to the subject of research.

    What intrigues me is still the role of stress, perhaps classified as "physical and psychological" in rats have immunosuppressive effects, for what I see as most neurologists recommendation on MS is "avoid stress at all costs."
    But then I ask myself, "What the stress? The physical
    stress? The emotional stress? Or both?!?" …

    • Wow, just wow. Magnesium metal barely reacts with cold water. If any hydrogen is generated, it's barely soluble; equivalent amounts of magnesium ions would get into water simultaneously (again, this is a very slow process at room temperature). And if this process occurs, hydroxide ions would be generated as well, so "water" would become basic. Had anybody stick a pH paper in the "hydrogen-rich" water? Had anybody look at magnesium concentrations? I am not asking about measurements of hydrogen concentrations, this would be slightly more difficult, and requires some instrumentation (for example, gas chromatograph). Of course, the data show this "wonder water" does nothing.



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