Quest for a free Mug…

In contrast to the medical meetings that are awash with pharma cash, basic science meetings, don’t provide much support. The pharma stand may be a table with a few leaflets

As a member of the International Advisory board, we have been asked to put up an advert for the Neuroimmunology meeting and get an exclusive free mug in exchange. 

These meetings are the science fiction that maybe in 10-15 years will become science fact and a new treatment. 

They may be talking about the new treatments for tomorrow

                 For any scientist reading ask yourself can you afford to                                                         miss this

                      For the clinicans reading this…a meeting without
                           company VIP areas; lots of science and no adverts 

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  • Gee… And it costs less than the often paltry plate of food at a political fundraiser…

    You know, the ones where you go, "Gee… a salad, some crackers with some rather green and red stuff to put on them… Main course, looks like some kind of batman chicken, seemingly undercooked green beans and a tater. Followed by 15 choices of desert which are all scrumptious." All that for only $1200.

    I think the chicken is filled with mind control agents that cause the patrons to read all the "Make ____ ____ again!"

    The coffee is always spectacular. Go figure.

    If you wish we can put this on MSU, let me know, if it helps get word out.

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