What’s in a Name?

As we move forward with our changes, you may have noticed there are less posts and we may well be very much slower with posting or responding to comments. We are doing this to try and reduce the amount of time we spend administering the Blog.

Likewise ProfG does not want us to engage with the trolls, which we have done from time to time and a lot of you don’t care for.

In this respect it may help us to post comments quicker if you do not comment under “Anonymous“. Some have said we should ban this, others have said they want the anonymity.

You can indeed be Anonymous…but this is the name the trolls hide behind. These comments need to be read before launching. So it takes more of our time.

However, you can still remain anonymous, but when you get the 
pull down menu, why go to Anonymous? Why not go to name?

Select a name it could be anything…David Cameron, Freddie Mercury, Sparkplug, AngryMSer but this does not link to you. Also you can have more than one name depending on your mood!

 You will still have to prove you are not a robot.

Then it goes to moderation for posting and then we will either put in spam or post.

I have deleted the comment which was launched and can be verified.

However, if you post under a pseudonym e.g. Grand Master Flash Doris Day, etc. you will eventually become recognised if you post frequently using this name and then importantly we will recognise that you are not a troll and release your post or answer a question quicker. You still remain anonymous and it helps us. 

“Angry from Tunbridge Wells” is still anonymous who know they may live in Orlando, USA and he/she does not always say good things about us.

Many of you are now using a name/pseudonym and we thank you for that.

However, beware you will get a persona because you may say things that build up a picture, this may be a fictitious picture remember is MD2 really a mouse?

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  • Would be great to see more names / pseudonyms rather than all the anonymous comments. Personally, I'm cool with my real name, would a rose by any other?

  • OK, will do. I find it sad in myself that I am unwilling to be completely open about my MS. It's a marker, I suppose, of the horrible impact of this illness on one's mental state.

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