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    • I disagree but the is good and weak science everywhere it does highlight that some people need to speak to someone that knows about statistics. There may be a difference if the experiment was repeated

  • Slide 3 is a shocker to me:
    MS invariably progresses 75% people with ambulatory problems at 25 years from onset

    How can this be when all one reads here is about how great all
    of these DMT's are..?

    • This information is pretty the effective DMT era.
      If you are talking to an audience that thinks EAE is a bad disease you need to put it in a context of MS being a bad disease, as part of the justification of having a severe animal model.

    • Not pretty effective but pre- effective DMT era
      Predictive text problem

      We don't have 25 year data for the highly effective DMT
      Natalizumab was born in 2OO6 so we have another fifteen years to get an answer another five for the interferons which in my mind are not highly effective for most people.

    • Recommendations should be based on verifiable scientific observation rather than thinking aloud at a meeting?

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