Swexit before Brexit?

Switzerland is home to some manufacturer’s of MS drugs and although not a full EU member, they enjoy access to the Single European Market. 
Perhaps as a taster of things to come post-Brexit the European Union is telling Switzerland it will lose access to the single market if it goes ahead with plans to impose controls on the free movement of EU citizens.

The Swiss-EU talks, under way for two years but now need a solution in order to give Swiss politicians time to pass the necessary laws to meet a February 2017 deadline imposed by a legally binding referendum in 2014.

The Swiss only narrowly voted to restrict immigration in the 2014 referendum, with 50.3% in favour, and have been in unfruitful talks to implement the measure with the EU ever since.

What will it mean to the Cost of MS drugs, if there is Swexit?

Are they suffering the Blues like ProfG?

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  • Not sure if manufactured in Switzerland as every thing seems to be made in China/Taiwan but Novartis make fingolimod and ofatumumab and then there is Sandoz making generics like glatopia and I forgot about extavia and Roche with ocrelizumab and Merck serono used to be in Geneva although it's a German company. Bayer is German

  • As a U.S. citizen, I'll admit that I probably have trouble seeing the EU side of things, but it's crazy to me that a country would give up the right to regulate its own borders and immigration to some international group or conglomerate. Border regulation/immigration are – to me – fundamental rights of any sovereign nation.

    • lol, well said MD. Either way, this one's none of my business. I'm neither Swiss, nor European. I hope it all works out in the best way possible, whatever way that may wind up being!

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