Olympic Challenge Day 4

I wonder if the Aussies are getting bored by their lack of need for activity? Have they sent ProfG a selfie? Or is it a one way street? Based on the medals tally is seems it is that way:-)

                  ProfB was seen doing a bit of swimming in response to                                  the New Australian Medal.

However, I think ProfG made a mistake when issuing the challenge! 

The challenge should be based around the Paralympics not the Olympics?

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  • We need more gold medals in the USA due to the stripping of national wealth by globalization and Walmart and pharma and chocolate and grass seed and and… (in no particular hierarchy).

    • Sounds like you are being greedy more medals for US if profG had challenged the US he would be doing marathons each day:-)

  • I'm an MS Aussie, with secondary progressive MS, but feel very optimistic about Life In General 🙂 <><

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