Olympic Challenge Reprise

In response to request to opening out ProfGs challeng, to his Aussie Counterparts-who lets face it need to do most of the exercising given TeamGB’s current performance over TeamOz:-), to people reading the Blog so cycling is in today’s post

So 10K downhill…I think I am safe to say this is not in England, but awsome

       You can email your pics or include link

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    • Merci so we'll count this activity towards TeamG(B) activities. It looks amazing

      Maybe I'll do mine underground.

  • England is in 2nd place in the overall medals, surpassed China and Australia…

    I keep training, I go to the gym even when you can, MS "knows" that it is my nature to physical activity, then I continue with my challenge program of the brain…

    Brazil still bad in these Olympic Games, also to be an athlete here you have "to kill a lion a day" 🙁

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