Aussies-time to do some training :-)

Did ProfG get the Aussies to do the paralympic challenge?

Day 1 Australia      1 Gold 1 Silver 2 Bronze 
          Great Britain 5 Gold 3 Silver 3 Bronze 

So time for Aussies to get some serious exercising as they are going to have their work cut out:-).

I did UK’s exercise quota

However, well Done to Stephanie Millward in getting Bronze in 400m freestyle, maybe more medals to come.

We use EDSS to measure disability.  But maybe we should use the paralympic scale.

In London 2012 Stephanie was graded as an S9. This year in Rio 2016 she is graded as a S8 and therefore this would say to me that her MS has continued to worsen. This shows the difficultly for someone with MS verses the injured or born with paralympians where their disability may be more static.

The best way to limit the worsening is to get on top of the disease with treatment

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  • I agree completely. There are numerous MS / disability scales and EDSS is more a summary towards ambulation. The problem in it being a gold standard that neuro's all use as the gauge is it misses so many aspects of disability.

    One might then say in "treat to target" symptoms, which ambulation is one part of, others tend go ignored. Sure, there is the peg test and such but really?

    There are other measurement scales and these ought someone melt together into some form of final score.

    The paralympics scale may well be more accurate towards disability as they are targeting fairness towards international competition. Fairly astonishing when you consider they appear to do what business valued at who knows how many hundreds of billions of dollars does not but surely could.

  • I was quite intrigued last night watching the swimming, so I looked into how swimmers are categorised. What surprised me is that you are given the grade according to your ability to swim. There have been claims that some swimmers perform badly when this is processed and suddenly improve in completion. Nothing new you may say as this can happen in the Olympics.
    I go to a disabled class where there are qualified staff to train us. I cannot swim breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly due to my MS. They tell me they wish they could video me to show children how to swim the perfect front crawl. The grading seems flawed as it doesn't take into account the work put in to get to that standard. Well done to our Ollie Hynd MBE a true champion. He may not have MS but he faces very similar challenges.

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