Burning Debate at ECTRIMS today 4pm (UK time)


Tune into our twitter feed and follow the hashtag #burningdebate at 4pm today (45 mins time) to follow the Burning Debate from ECTRIMS conference. We have Dr Klaus Schmierer arguing FOR the motion: Should people in wheelchairs be included in progressive trials, and Dr Patricia Coyle arguing AGAINST. 

The debate will be chaired by Dr Celia Oreja-Guevara. Unfortunately the debate will not be live streamed, but we will be covering it on Twitter where you can follow the discussion by searching for the hashtag . A twitter feed will be projected in the debate room, so any comments or questions will be voiced : ) At the end of the debate, the BartsMSblog twitter account will post two tweets, one FOR the motion, one AGAINST. The tweet that is re-tweeted the most will win the debate. A secondary aim of the debate is to encourage clinicians to get onto twitter and use it in a professional manner. 

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  • Dear Bart and all of the MS doctors, drug companies, support groups, bloggers etc. WTF!
    Stop wasting time and money, why are you retreading the same ole BS. 9 hole peg test really? Somedays I go slow some days I go fast, honestly it depends on how the nurse treats me that day. God, if I read one more study about a test on drugs that have been out for years, I will kick your ass. Oh wait I can't lift my leg. Lets face it MS patients are cash cows. I think this site is good and maybe you are trying, but I am dying. So dear drug comapanies who go home to there happy healthy familes, take them out to dinner pull out their Black American Express card out…..think of us. Think of those backs your gain is on. The ones who look for hope on the internet open the checkbook to negative numbers. Who try to walk to the bathroom and make it time. Who get up each morning and think it's a nightmare, but then it's not. It all begins again. So enjoy your meetings and your dinners and your conference. I will go to bed, I will dream of walking and running and wake up and then it all begins again. MS, its still there.

  • lol i'm dying to hear the arguments against this. hopefully someone can summarise to me why it is not worthwhile to test the efficacy of drugs to save the few functions that people in wheelchairs have left – given that apparently 30 voted against? I'm seriously wanting to know.

By Alison Thomson



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