ECTRIMS2016 is arriving Next Week.

This week it is in London, whist we are still part of Europe:-)

Don’t expect too much from ProfG, as we think he is doing about 1% of the presentations:-). He has been so, so busy designing, making and proof-reading all those company-related posters that he will be presenting.

However, we have been asked to keep the social media going and the NDG & ProfB will be “live” presenting “Good Morning Britain” (without the couch, fancy set, & studio) in the Afternoon from the Excel Centre in London.

They will present the highlights of the meeting so far, so have a look through the program (CLICK HERE) and tell us what you want us to have a look at so that we can report back.

In addition:

There is a Burning Debate: Should People in Wheelchairs be included in trials.

DrK is the peoples champion – in more ways than one – is speaking for the motion. Which brave soul will have their reputation in tatters (in your eyes) by speaking against the motion:-) to give the current neurologists view….because it is clear that people with MS in wheelchairs are not being included in trials. More on this soon.

Straight after that we will be running into MS Life 2016, where ProfG will be #ThinkHand and we will do stripped down version of “Meet the Scientists“.

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  • Poor G. After 20 years of attending ectrims meetings in locations such as Rome, Madrid, Vienna, he now has to take a tube journey to east London. I can see why his enthusiasm has waned this year. He has even allowed MD to attend ectrims 2016 (a short bus journey). I used to get excited by such events, but breakthrough announcements are few and far between. My prediction is that the siponimod results will be similar to ocrelizumab – underwhelming. But it's a start.

    • I'm sure he will be in a hotel near the venue:-) as his day starts around 6.00am…I heard he has a meeting during a morning run…how mad it that.

      but you are very wrong about his enthusiasm this year, it is more upbeat than every and he excited about the data he is presenting

  • Here in the States, Clint Eastwood has directed a movie called Sully. He is 86-years-old and totally efficient and fast. I bet he can cure MS if given the chance. You guys are slow coaches.

  • MD 2, NDG 0!
    It's surprising ECTRIMS is only 4.5 days for all publicity it draws. I'm for one optimistic this year. The management of MS has come far and is leaps ahead of other neurological disorders. It may not seem ground breaking at present, but a far cry from the 1990's.

  • I think you should both wear red – it looks lovely on the set! when is your google hangout time and what is the process to be invited to attend? thanks! (and wish I were there)

  • I'm so thankful for all the hard work that goes into the research, even if the results aren't in my favor. Please carry on, and know many of us our appreciative of your continued efforts to fight MS.

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