Google Hangout at ECTRIMS this afternoon


At 3.45 pm (UK time) we will be broadcasting our Google Hangout report from ECTRIMS. Just to let you know that there is a slight change of plan as it seems that on the 12th of September Google decided to move Google Hangouts to YouTube! This now means, I think, that people can not join the hangout which is incredibly annoying and disappointing. You can of course still watch the livestream video on YouTube and either comment on the video in the YouTube comment section below the video or tweet us a question to the BartsMS Blog twitter account.

Mouse Doctor, Neuro Doc Gnanapavan and the team have been attending sessions to give you a report on what’s been presented at the meeting. The video will be recorded and saved on YouTube for us all to watch and enjoy later.

Watch the hangout here:

It says that it’s scheduled for 4pm on YouTube but we will start it at 3.45pm (you can only schedule on the hour).

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  • Thank you for posting it. But I missed a lot as one presenter was barely audible. Don't s'pose there is a transcript?

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