MS GB in the medals again

Congrats to Steph Millward in achieving Bronze medal for 100m Freestyle at Rio 2016.
Channel4 (one of the five analogue channel broadcasters in the UK prior to Digital TV) are doing an amazing job covering the paralympic Rio 2016 games. 

For the non-UK readers, Channel4 is broadcasting live action for essentially 12h a day. The background stories and the sport is Great.

However the presenter suggested that her moving from S9 category to S8  (S1 is worse disability) means it is easier, and so does not seem to get it that this means her disease is worsening, as ultimately will her times. 

So to maintain herself at the same level is going to require so much more extra effort.

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  • MouseDoc, do you know that the USA only broadcast 5 hours of 2012's Paralympics? America has issues with disability.

    • I knew the coverage was pretty poor, I'm currently watching USA whopping GB's bum in the basket ball and the USA have been great in the triathalon
      Matt Stutzman (Armless Archer) is amazing. I'm off to see the beasties in abit

  • Love the coverage – I record it and then go through it later to watch the bits I'm interested in. I'm loving The Last Leg too. I looked online and it seems that the press in general seemed to have missed that it shows a deterioration – the BBC said on 14th June that her switch would make it easier too.

    • I love the Last leg too (For non-UK viewers this is a program covering the days news is a chat show which is a mix and comedy, guests and paralympics news. It is hosted by Australian comedian Adam Hills (who has a prosthetic leg) and co-hosted by Josh Widdicombe (a vegetarian) and Alex Brooker (a prosthetic leg and arm deformities). It is "Three guys with four legs talking about the week)

      I had the pleasure of being slagged off by Adam at the Edinburgh festival …

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