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Guidelines for treating MS: a European perspective

The combined EAN (European Academy of Neurology) and ECTRIMS (European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis) guidelines for the treatment of MS were launched at ECTRIMS 2016 this September. A mighty endeavor to bring some consistency in what is currently an unregulated environment, with individual variation between different countries.  To date the EAN has resisted...


We have been focusing on Hand Function because it should be something that we attempt to save in all People with MS

Can we bring this to people’s attention

Rejected Ideas

Scary Idea:-) A poster stand

Maybe the Next Bit of Magic:-)

MSlife2016 Roll-Up, Roll-Up Come and get your 9-HPT

After a long few days at ECTRIMS 2016,  the our Neuros were straight on to MS life2016 Come visit us at #ThinkHand and take the Challenge Or Meet the Scientists or Digesting Science or… 95% of people with MS do not think that People in Wheelchairs should be excluded from Clinical Trials…They often are,  but the they won’t be! Can’t Make it to London for MSLife...

The Vikings started it..will they end it

We have the Viking hypothesis that MS started in the Viking nations and then the British Distributed MS around the World. As ECTRIMS in Britain comes to a close, perhaps the Vikings are starting the end of company interest in Immune DMT in MS. There are now well over ten DMT, with each new addition costing more than the last.  The next in line is probably ocrelizumab, which is an anti-CD20 B...

Well Done the MS golden Girls GB

Rio 2016 comes a close today. The Aussies will have lost so much weight fulfilling the ProfG Challenges in response to the medal tally of 142 and rising (63 Gold, 36 Silvers, 43 Bronze) compared to Australia on 77 Medals. We have been celebrating the success of pwMS in Paralympics GB and since my last report all of our Golden Girls have picked up more medals so well Done to Kadeena Cox (Two golds...

Late Breaking News

250 – Efficacy and safety of siponimod in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis – results of the placebo controlled, double-blind, Phase III EXPAND studyL. Kappos, Basel, SwitzerlandBackground: There is high unmet need for treatments that delay disability progression in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS). Siponimod (BAF312) is an orally active selective...

Injecting antigen into lymph nodes

Tostanoski LH, Chiu YC, Gammon JM, Simon T, Andorko JI, Bromberg JS, Jewell CM. Reprogramming the Local Lymph Node Microenvironment Promotes Tolerance that Is Systemic and Antigen Specific. Cell Rep. 2016;16(11):2940-2952 Many experimental therapies for autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), aim to bias T cells toward tolerogenic phenotypes without broad suppression...

Tardieu Scale for spasticity

Intra-rater reliability of the Modified Tardieu Scale in patients with multiple sclerosis. The reliability of the Modified Tardieu Scale (MTS) has not been examined in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). This study aimed to assess intra-rater reliability of the MTS in the assessment of lower limb spasticity in patients with MS. Data from 30 patients with MS (18 women, mean age = 41.5) were...

Another MS Medal

Currently I am in the Excel Centre in London and 4 years ago paralympic GB was doing ace in London 2012 at the Excel.  

So now we have more MS action  and more medals by Anne Dunham

She has helped GB exceed the paralympics 2012 medal total. Fantasic



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