Do nothing Lose teeth….Do Nothing Lose Brain..I can get falsies

Neurology is an odd subject
because there are lots of conditions and not many treatments. 

Therefore you can have a
bright bod that can diagnose you…but then they can say “sorry we can’t do
anything about it”

In the bad old days this is what

But this should not be the case with MS. This is because there are an
increasing number of treatments that may offer least if you have

So here’s a story.

Whats the diference between me and Brian Cox…We have the same Birthday Arghhhhhhhh!

He is a famous Scientist & I’m an infamous Scientist.

I have the worst teeth in the UK,   
He has all the teeth in the UK!   🙂

Anyway too many fizzy drinks as
a kid, and not enough fluoride and the seeds were sown and has left me with a mouth full of metal (mainly
mercury, the gold came from a bike accident) and more crowns than the Queen. 

Having resisted the temptation to do
private dentistry, I have had NHS dental giving me a filling after filling and
crown on filling and crown on crown something different each time. 

Are they saving my problems up so they get paid more on each visit rather than doing it all at once?  

Having not had an injected anaesthetic until I
was eighteen and plenty of fillings…I know what it’s like when some German
Dentist says “Is it Safe?” (Never seen” Marathon man with Dustbin
Hoffman..get it and Squeal).
However, the old school of NHS dentists..doing good for society are dying off to be replaced by the “we haven’t got the time allocated. If it
ain’t easy and quick…..just pull it out!”. 
So do I “pull-it” for a few quid or “pull-it” and go implant for a few thousand, cos the NHS does not do Implant. Should I go private and find someone to save the tooth? Privatisation by neglect.
This is fine it you can afford the privitisation many can’t

Is this the way NHS medicine has gone and is going, and in cash strapped Britain are those expensive drugs going to get more and more rationed and appointments cut to nothing as we get Privatisation by neglect. We are already getting privatisation by the back door.

I wonder how many people get MS, and go to private medicine to get a diagnosis and maybe treatment?  

If you go private you can certainly jump the queue to see a doctor, but does it give you better treatment?

Simple answer is….it depends on what you do and who you see!
Just cause its private don’t mean its better advice, 
It is the same in the NHS…oh because its the same doctors!

P.S. ProfG doesn’t do private before you start moaning.

So do your homework. 
Is the person an MS specialist? 
Do they treat softly softly? or 
Do they hit hard and early?
What is their treatment philosophy?

It would be interesting to see what hospitals prescribe. 
This could give us a feel to that answer by the number of CRAB drugs, Big gun drugs compared to their MS population…
Freedom of Information? Someone’s been checking up on us. Wonder who?
I think at Barts Health, the Neuro team are in the Hard and Early mind set.

Do you and your neuro want to save your cognitive and neural reserve…because do nothing and it is tick, tick, ticking away.

Is your private neuro a great Guy or Gal with a nice personality that is going to tell you what you want to hear? 

You are doing alright now, so we can wait before we start those treatments because you are doing all right. See you in a few more months so I can line my pocket and do very little. 

Tick tock, Tick Tock

Oh damn…. I have done nothing and now my reserve has gone, 
I’m not doing alright…Do something! Do something!

Time to refer you on to some that treats and has to look after you
The big guns are out but the damage is done. 

Did I listen when I was told ” you should brush your teeth properly and eat less sugar”.

You should listen when I say “Don’t waste that reserve by doing nothing” 

The Scandinavian data is very, very clear. Get on treatment and you do better, I hope that the day will emerge when you all get on a highly effective treatment ASAP and you do better still.

At least I can get falsies….if I do nothing and if I could do some private work, can maybe afford implants but saddly you can’t get a new brain……not yet at least

Read MSBrainHealth, if you are a practioner or a pwMS (Click here)

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  • My teeth are not in the best condition but ok. Unfortunately when I was young my dentist was drilling for money and I had several unnecessary fillings. My current dentist has said a few times that they can't see why the fillings were done. The work has made some teeth unsightly and weak.
    It was the way some naughty NHS dentists worked back then. I try not to let it get me depressed.

  • I'm torn between pushing for treatment v enjoying the life I have now. Sure my neuro has my best interests at heart, with DMF abandoned due to chronically low lymphocytes and MS clearly now progressive…. any disease modifying treatment is going to leave me at risk of being even more ill than I am already! Between a rock and a hard place I find myself.
    I love this blog and am encouraged by all the hard work and energy going into MS research now. Too late for me I fear, but thanks anyway and please keep going!

  • Very good article. Thank you. Clear and concise. When I was referred by my nhs GP to a neuro with my first ms symptoms I went private. I have it included at work. I saw two supposedly top private neuros. I just can't begin to tell you how disappointed I was with them both. Exactly as you write, one told me yeah you have CIS but so what? You're feeling good and all is ok so don't worry. Get I touch if anything else happens. And try to avoid animal fats. Goodbye.
    The other one told me there was no point in dmts as the side effects are horrendous and they aren't effective.
    I just wish I could help future patients that will be told the same by these two incompetent doctors. My vitamin D level was 4 at the time. I should have had a huge boost of vitamin D to help it increase rapidly.

  • Get your teeth fixed whatever the cost. When I moved over here the dentists were pretty negative on my British dental work. I had a six month treatment plan! Now I can't understand that some of my U.K. mates have crooked teeth and mouths full of metal. My wife resisted, I met my wife at my leaving drinks in London, she got all fixed up too.

    I think that a DMT is like brushing your teeth.

  • Great article MD.

    It is also a cultural thing, to a large extent. I come from a Mediterranean country and people there don't mind paying their doctors (often very large amounts of money) if they are going to have prompt and good quality of treatment. I live in the UK now and realize that the Brits have a different attitude. It seems to me that people here care more about having free treatment rather than having to pay for that, which seems odd to me. Don't take me wrong though! I do support NHS and I like the fact that everything is for free, but personally, I wouldn't mind paying if I could have access to treatments/doctor appointments faster.

    Actually, I did so when I was diagnosed with MS. I visited a doctor privately, I had the diagnosis earlier, asked them to be under their care at NHS, was able to push for the treatment I wanted and eventually started it relatively early. It cost me 300 GBP, but I had the doctor I wanted and I started my treatment 4-5 months earlier than having to go through the NHS waiting times. This may have saved me from another relapse/lesion.

    I acknowledge that millions of people in the UK can't afford it, and it is against the idea of free treatment, which is indeed a great benefit of NHS. But for me, paying for my diagnosis and treatment onset was undoubtedly beneficial.

    Of course the solution to that is not to make people cover all their health expenses, but to provide larger funding to NHS, which unfortunately is not the case nowadays.

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