Farms animals and MS and the Cats Pooh Poohed

Siejka et al.Association between exposure to farm animals and pets and risk of Multiple Sclerosis DOI:

Purpose:There exists inconsistent evidence regarding animals including pets as risk factors for the development of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We investigated the association between farm animals and pets as possible environmental factors in MS development.
Methods: Population based case-control study with 136 clinically definite MS cases and 272 controls randomly chosen from the community matched on sex and age. Data was collected from both questionnaire and a lifetime calendar detailing residence, occupation and pet/animal exposure over the course of participant’s lives.
Results:Exposure to farming, livestock, specific farm animals and remoteness of residence showed no significant association with MS risk. Exposure to cats prior to disease onset was associated with a greater risk of MS (Adjusted Odds Ratio 2.46 (1.17–5.18)) but without a clear dose-response (test for trend, p=0.76).
Conclusions: In contrast to other literature, farming and exposure to farm animals were not associated with MS. While we identified an association between cat exposure and MS, there was no dose-response relationship, and previous studies showed inconsistent results, leaving us to conclude that there is no strong evidence that exposure to cats is associated with MS.
Recently someone said that pictures of lab animals were disturbing, so now you can say Ah! 

I have put some fluffy picture of some farm animals…best not say they are bred to be killed and eaten:-(

Anyway the most viewed posts on the blog is 

“Now Cats are a protective factor.”

In this current work indicates that farm animals are not associated with risk of MS and that the influence of cats makes you twice as likely to get MS so may be the maybe the original idea was a load of cowclap

                             Hey but who didn’t know that?:-)

There is no dose-response so I guess it is cat dander or no cat dander but anyone who is allergic to cats will tell you one is enough.

But now what happens to the kitties that were bought to reduce the Risk of MS…..a trip to Battersea:-(

                     Being serious..they do a fantastic job

However was this because it was an Australia cat verses a Norwegian cat?

This is yet another example of the tosh that is out there concerning risk of MS…, unfortunately this tosh gets picked up by the media and next thing you will be reading this in the Dail Male and Daily Repress.  However, it makes it very difficult to decide if it is going to influence your life style

So beware. 

However it shows you not every thing is reproducible and repetition with time will tell us what is right or wrong

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  • I'll continue taking care of my fluffy cat.

    Could open for images of pets to be images of space for various comments on the blog, how about?

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