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Cytotherapy. 2016 Oct 7. pii: S1465-3249(16)30496-0. doi: 10.1016/j.jcyt.2016.08.007


There is a critical unmet need to develop regenerative therapies for the demyelinating disease multiple sclerosis(MS). We previously characterized the immunoregulatory and trophic properties of neural progenitors derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC-NPs) and established that cells derived from MS and non-MS patients alike were therapeutically viable. In an experimental model of MS, intrathecal MSC-NP injection resulted in disease amelioration with decreased T-cell infiltration, and less severe lesion pathology associated with recruitment of resident progenitors to inflammatory sites. In this pilot feasibility study, we investigated safety and dosing of intrathecal MS-NP therapy in six patients with MS.


Patients with progressive MS and advanced disability who were refractory to all other conventional MS treatments were enrolled in the study. For each dose, MSC-NP cells were cultured from autologous MSCs and tested for quality control before intrathecal administration. Patients were evaluated for adverse events and neurological status to assess safety of the treatment.


Six patients with progressive MS were treated with between 2 and 5 intrathecal injections of escalating doses of autologous MSC-NPs and were followed an average of 7.4 years after initial injection. There were no safety concerns noted, no serious adverse events, and the multiple dosing regimen was well tolerated. Four of the six patients showed a measurable clinical improvement following MSC-NP treatment.


This pilot study supports preliminary first-in-human safety and tolerability of autologous MSC-NP treatment for MS

Not much to say you can read this by lets wait until full sized studies are done. 

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  • Please can you start a thread on JC virus. I recently asked my neuro if I had been tested for this as I'm on tecfidera. She said no because Biogen don't like it being tested for. I was surprised. What's the take in this?
    While I'm here could you post a blog asking people if they have any tips for helping hair regrow as I'm losing a lot on tecfidera. I.e. Ish they would include it as a side effect.

  • I recently interviewed Dr Sadiq about this treatment when I was in New York. He is a charismatic neurologist who invests much time and compassion in his patients. And he was very laudatory about the work done by Prof G and the Mice Doctors (which sounds like an 80s revival band).

    The challenge, of course, in calling for bigger, bolder, brasher studies on stem cells is that of financing. Big pharma can't own this space. The US is inherently wary of stem cells for a host of religious reasons. Perhaps this is where the UK can – post Brexit and all – take a lead. It could even be a money spinner for the private sector that caters for international patients. After all, Russia, Mexico and Israel are now becoming MS patient go-to locations for stem cell treatments of varying kinds.

    Should the UCTRIMS (or whatever the UK equivalent of ECTRIMS is called) if it ever gets formed begin with seriously investigating on a major scale stem cells in MS…?

    Answers on a post card please…

    • If I was given $65 I could claim I'll find the cause, this seems like a self-serving advert……for give me money. We could all do a lot with $65 million…The question we should ask is what is the route to achieving this claim

  • We contacted them several times re: Fundraising towards research, never had a single response back.

    Stem cell CNS research in as far as neuro-regeneration is highly complex. There are numerous entities looking into this for a variety of diseases. There are problems, delivery for one.

    There are a few companies working on stem cells delivery into the CNS without drilling holes in peoples skulls which also has been done having reported success and failure mainly in stroke.

    Generally speaking having spoke with stem cell researchers the issues at hand are application of stem cell related experimental (at best) medicine on willing patients without proper understanding and/or research associated.

    Without understanding to a respectful level of what is and is not happening many adverse matters can arise and these are not limited to an individual per se.

    Stem cells medicine is being used like a swiss army knife in many many ways and there is again, seemingly successful incidents and not.

    Any true stem cell research will inform that use of stem cells in "people" short of early vetted procedures needs to be seriously looked at or regulated. People tend think, "Well its all due to money."

    No, its not. There are numerous issues. The application not vetted and understood properly can readily set true stem cell research back decades. Stem cell research has only scraped the surface of understanding it. There are for example people who have underwent stem cells forms of treatments (not in as far as MS necessarily) who have had growths in their bodies essentially completely not understood. That is another BIG potential issue. There is nothing saying, "Everything stem cell is benign" in fact, more than likely it is not.

    I was literally told it is not inconceivable that that stem cell's could bring forth unknown types of cells that could well be highly beneficial or the exact opposite, highly detrimental, even deadly that may well also be able of mutation and/or transmittal to other people in much the same way lyme be transmitted.

    Stem cells are being wielded like a pocket multitool without the education, knowledge and/or discipline there of earned and/or learned.

    These are Genesis type issues at hand and are not being treated as such. People using what in fact are basics for building multitudes of cells known and quite probably unknown. People instead of heralding all forms of stem cell this and stem cell that should be the exact people calling for regulatory caution to happen until substantial knowledge is known.

    Instead, its treated much like the atomic bomb. Entities taking the technology and applying it in the real world for money without considering the ramifications thereof.

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