The Talk That Never Was.

Yesterday I did a “Pint of Neuro” in the Bow Bell Pub to the Neuroscience Society Group.

As part of the evening I requested that the students do a nine hole peg test before they had a drink with the plan of doing the same again after having a drink.

What effect does alcohol have on cerebellar motor co-ordination.

This should have been a bit of fun.

However, I think many of the audience did not drink alcohol anyway, and it took a bit of time, so that my talk on “Weeding out the side effects of cannabis to safely control disease: Bench to bedside” finished late……Maybe I went on too long:-(

They did the peg test again, but then there was not enough time to actually tell the audience why I was asking them to do the test in the first place:-(

So here is the talk that never was.

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