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  • NO. PLEASE SAVE US FROM THIS NONSENSE. You are an academic. You should be feeding your beasties, making Prof G a cup of tea, and working on publishing some research (good research). A grown man playing with cuddly toys! Please give us a break this year.

    • MD is on on a well-deserved holiday, currently in South Africa. I'm taking over the feeding and tea-making duties whilst he is away.
      Rest assured there is plenty of outstanding and dare I say groundbreaking research that will be hopefully published in the near future.
      Thanks as ever, for your interest.

    • As MD1 is away do the decent thing and bin the advent calendar. You must have some dignity. Didn't you promise some groungroundbreaking research in 2016!

      Keep those mice clean. MD1 won't be happy when he returns from his luxury holiday if his beloved vermin have been decimated by poor hygiene.

    • Yes, we did some groundbreaking research in 2016, which is in the process of being published. You will be the first to hear about it when it is.
      Don't worry about the mice, they are way cleaner than you are!
      The advent calendar stays, get over it, it's a bit of harmless fun. MD continues to post on research, despite being on holiday, that should tell you how dedicated he is to pwMS.

  • NO,NO…We love your Advent Calendar! Patients love the mirth, hope, humor representing your true Alter Egos during this dreary winter season! It brings out your human side of an otherwise sterile clinical perception of medical researchers.

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