Dogmatic MS

There is so much Dogma that influences MS research

Dogma is an English term transliterated in the 17th century from Latin meaning “philosophical tenet,” derived from the Greek ‘dogma’ meaning literally “that which one thinks is true” 

I have to hold my hands up here, because the beasties are at the centre of this..Ask someone to describe MS and they tell you about EAE.

Myelin Basic Protein is the Autoimmune cause of MS

Multiple sclerosis is largely a disease of the CNS

Oligodendrocytes are a target in multiple sclerosis

Oligodendrocytes express myelin basic protein

Autoimmunity to myelin basic protein can induce EAE

T cells from people with MS react to myelin basic protein

Myelin basic protein is water soluble and easy to make

T cells from healthy people react to myelin basic protein

T cells from people with MS are not directed to myelin

Antibodies from people with MS are not directed to myelin

Myelin basic protein is expressed in the CNS and PNS

MBP autoimmunity can cause PNS disease in EAE
(EAE in rabbits involves peripheral nerve damage, in most mouse models, MBP is not the major encephalitogen-where proteolipid protein and myelin olidogendrocyte glycoprotein (CNS-specific) are more dominant. 

Human MBP autoimmunity can cause PNS in EAE
MBP specific T cell receptor transgenic mice (from a human T cell) expressing human MHC get CNS and PNS disease or just PNS disease.

MBP peptide sensitization stimulated polyneuropathy in MS
(Disease of PNS and CNS in trials with altered MBP peptides in sensitizing route)

Myelin basic protein tolerance has done nothing in MS
(However the trials was done in a way that is all that was going to happen)

MS Trials with MBP peptides are Ongoing!

Autoimmunity causes MS

Autoimmunity causes EAE….FACT

Autoimmunity occurs in MS..FACT 

However, is this primary (the cause) or secondary (consequence)

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