#ThinkHand: somebody laughed at me when I mentioned lego

DIY Lego 9-HPT? It must be a joke. #ThinkHand #MSBlog

Somebody at the MS Trust Conference thought I was joking when I said you could build a 9-HPT out of Lego. To prove them wrong! 

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  • Ridiculously, clever and simple. Prof G you have clearly missed your vocation in life. I am tempted to refer you as a Legoer.

    • Yes, like writing a grant on MS prevention, which I am doing right now. I had purchased the Lego several months ago for another project (to be revealed much later) and made the 9-HPT during a writing break. It only took me 10 minutes to make. What gave me the idea to do this is that one MSer said that the one hand function he/she did not want to lose was the ability to play with Lego with their grandchild. The latter takes the QoL issue of loss of arm and hand function to another level.

  • I can't believe that we the UK Tax Payers are paying you a salary to play around with Lego. Is this really going to make a difference to MS?

    • Humbug. The #ThinkHand campaign is about getting effective treatments to people with progressive MS. I work many hours more than my statutory 37/40 hour week so I have no problem, or guilt complex, about playing with Lego as part of my work.

      The only guilt complex that I have is that I am neglecting my wife, daughters, extended family, friends, our dog Cody and my health by working too hard.

    • I have been a regular reader of this blog and I can vouch for the time you spend working on MS. How many other neurologists gave up their Sunday to attend the MS Trust conference?

  • Excellent idea with the Lego board! Anybody writing nasty comments does not understand what the 9-HPT is about. Any suggestions as to what the pegs can be made of? I understand they are standard size and texture so that it is equally easy/difficult to pick them up?

    • We are using the grooved pre-cut dowel pins (30mm long X 6mm wide). In fact is not that important about what pegs you use; what is important is using the same kit longitudinally.

      For self-monitoring what you need is to monitor change over time so you need to test yourself with the same 9-HPT each time; i.e. either plastic, carboard, wood, Lego, etc. I say etc., as I have a few ideas for creating other cheaper DIY versions.

    • You have just given me an idea. Let's crowd source the problem if coming up with an easy to make, DIY, 9-HPT that is cheap and environmentally friendly. In relation to cheap it has to cost less than £10/$15 (the price of our cardboard 9-HPT) to make.

      I wonder how much the Lego version costs?

    • Lego is a household item (no cost)in households with kids of a certain age (or grandchildren of a certain age). One can also buy it by kilogram on ebay(used). For people with no kids around the cardboard version would probably be cheaper. I like this reuse/repurpose/recycle idea for a 9-HPT :-).

  • Great idea, but very poor colour choice. You may be able to persuade Lego into making a unique 9-HPT Lego kit for you. They may even produce bespoke Lego pegs for the kit.

  • @Lego Fan No need, really, there is plenty of cheerful Danish plastic stuffed in the cupboards/lofts etc. Give it a second chance.

  • I loved this idea of 9 HTP with Legos! I have always loved legos, it encourages reasoning, imagination.
    But I also like the cardboard version too, it has this issue of being ecologically sustainable.

  • Compelled to echo Anonymous reply, as a regular reader of this blog – you're positively driven ProfG and without your dynamic approach we would be at base camp and not climbing the mountain! Your colleagues are caring and competent, as I've observed meeting 6 of them, including 4 here at Kings whilst I wait to begin treatment with Lemtrada tomorrow, but they do not evidence the sheer determination and focus to tackle this monsterous disease that you do. Cheers to you on this, the first anniversary of my diagnosis

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