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  • Now MD is into social sciences? seriously!

    Big MD fan here for many years and highly disappointed by this.

    Is it lack of funding or lack of research avenues?


    • It is not about financial cost. It's about your time. I am one of those who seriously believe that you can make a difference, hence why the disappointment.

      Maybe you just need a layer of crocodile skin like the rest of us!

    • Students need projects to do it is part of their training so it is there time and I were to defame you, because it is defamation, at your professional workplace would you roll over and say yes I am a liar or would you say something.

      I am not a mouse but a ferret and when those teeth lock they lock. This doggedness to did deep and for doing no physical work but my time I believe you can get results that will make a change……what is this you will hear as quick as the papers are written and published.

      However this work taught me that you can get papers for minimal graft…they are a waste of time in this case you are wrong…I think we are on to something.

    • Ps papers are written….that how I spent my weekend….hence no blog action and a call from G the to check if I was alive.

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