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  • I am not a fan of the mouse calendar because I find exprimenting on animals upsetting.

    I am not offended by your wish to lightnen the mood though, anyone who tells you to grow up maybe needs to adjust themselves a little. 😉 Merry Christmas.

    • Animal experiments are not my favourite but, in the social context of things which are not my favourite, I legitmise it a lot.

      Maybe I'm a humanistic hypocrite, dunno I'll have to think about it one day.

      Still for as long as it's done legally and ethically, it is unfair to make those experimenting on animals in the name of ethical medicine guilty or bad for their work. Abortion is the other toss of the coin that comes to mind in that context.

      Merry Christmas.

      Anonymous/Bozoforgot/LoL/Peter-Pan Wannabe 🙂

    • Dear Julie,
      We also wish we didn't have to use mice in our research but despite what you might read (and there is much misinformation out there), for the foreseeable future, there really isn't any alternative for the realistic modelling of MS and the search for better therapeutics etc.
      Hopefully, there will come a day when it isn't necessary. We wouldn't do it if we thought it was a waste of time and it does take a lot of time and dedication (including weekends).
      Merry Christmas to you too.

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