Bullet Points to explain something important for people on fingolimod

Willis M, Pearson O, Illes Z, Sejbaek T, Nielsen C, Duddy M, Petheram K, van Munster C, Killestein J, Malmeström C, Tallantyre E, Robertson N. An observational study of alemtuzumab following fingolimod for multiple sclerosis. Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm. 2017 Jan 10;4(2):e320.

Yesterday the “Headmaster” complained my post was too complicated.


So maybe we should just do highlights for the people that like their info in sound bites

  • Fingolimod traps T and B cells in Lymph Glands

  • Alemtuzumab kills T and B cells in the Blood

  • However alemtuzumab is not that effective at killing cells in lymph glands and bone marrow

  • Fingolimod can stop Alemtuzumab working
  • Be careful what you do when you switch treatment from fingolimod !

  • More evidence that B cells are the main targets for treatment..hang on shouldn’t this be T cells!
  • Maybe more evidence for alemtuzmab neutralizing antibodies
            However, where is the analysis, explanation?  What do you think?

This rebound will not occur in every body. In this study
there were 36 six people, who had used fingolimod before alemtuzumab and the disease activity was seen in 9 people i.e. 25%. Remember, alemtuzumab is not infallible and relapse (4% in the cardiff cohort) in the first year occurs.

Of these people 8/9 were disease free after the second set of infusions

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  • David,

    An excellent start. Your willingness to adapt and respond to constructive comments bodes well as you move your work forward. I look forward to providing further feedback so that your work has the maximum impact. Well done.

  • Sigh. As a friend of a person who switched from gilenya to lemtrada i found it utterly depressing to have to share yesterday's post with her. We both understood the post and it was friggin worrysome (how do you know post lemtrada, what's a sign of it not working and what's just a new little bothersome symptom that will go away as the body adjusts?)…

    this post is just sad and condescending about an already difficult sad topic….

    i preferred yesterday's one. this one has bad news delivered in a condescending way… kinda the opposite of the cherry on top concept

  • I agree with anon above…. Whilst the previous post is a bit more crazy scientist, surely all good blogs need a bit of personality. Plus the bullet points lack the debate? Where's the fun (and hope) in that.

  • David Sir
    Could we please have both?
    Highlights in bullet points and along with that the Long Rambling crazy scientist post too

    Sorry for the trouble and thanks in advance

  • I am switching from Tecfedera and have to decide it take part in a trial with Ocrelizumab or alemtuzumab. Would the same thing occur if switching from Tecfedera?

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