Tabalumab (LY 2127399) Trial in 243 people in 63 Centres. Where you involved? what Happened?

You said 

“I believe patients participating in trials have the right to be informed about the trial results”.

I said

“I agree with you…are any of the readers, people who participated in this Eli Lilly MS trial. Were you informed of the results? (NCT00882999)”

However, should we have to be detectives?

In this case, we have not proof that people were harmed, but the possibility is there 

How long after a trial is finished do you believe is enough time for the results to be submitted for publication in a proper paper? 

When should we start searching for the information, or should we not bother trying to find what is not being said?

Hopefully the Promise is the Publication of the Trial Results including the B cell Phenotyping Data.

Does this relate to Disease Activity?


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  • Nice one MD 🙂

    Everyone,to spread further, copy address from top of post and paste into any MS Facebook groups you may belong to. You can also post to public (change your default setting from friends) with relevant # tags eg #tabalumab #EliLilly #badpharma

    Sorry if I'm stating the obvious to some, but we're not all born naturals at this 😉

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