#ClinicSpeak: the pathophysiology of MS

A very beautiful video that explains MS in less than 3 minutes. #ClinicSpeak #MSBlog

I have just been sent this video to watch on the pathophysiology of MS. It is very slick. My question to you; ‘is this video better than MouseDoc’s and my ramblings in explaining MS?’ Should we shut up shop and leave the education to the makers of these beautiful animated videos? Is this video factually correct? Now that will take a movie to answer.

Definition: pathophysiology = the disordered physiological processes associated with disease or injury.

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    • Yes that is one of my gripe, cells go through the blood vessel cells rather than through the gaps between the blood vessels cells. If youu look in EM I have seen a lymphocyte pushing the nucleus of the endothelail cell out of the way. They enter near the junction

    • Yes ProfG has been abducted and is a cyborg collective:-) There are actually three of them, which we send out to all the conferences every week.

    • See, MD, this is why your perspective on things is so important. Show this film to a group of neurologists and everybody will go : wow!( Actually I have heard an old rheumatology professor exclaim in public after seeing a Roche film like that: Pictures like that nearly give me an orgasm! Seriously.)

    • Obviously the old professor doesn't get out much:-)

      Maybe we should have a camera at ECTRIMS 2017, where it will surely be shown if ocreliziumab gets a licence, and we can watch Neuro's drool over this "B cell porn"…… I'm off for a cold shower:-)

    • You may be onto something, MD… I would turn my camera onto the crowd off gaping clinicians watching Hollywood immunology stories 🙂

  • Yeah, must be that you don't like what they did to the lymphocytes in ths creative artist vision … they are going at the same speed as red blood cells and not rolling at all… then just pop through like nobody's business. Yeah yeah…

  • That had advert written all over it looked like something by L'oriel for hair colour on channel 4 😉
    I love all your ramblings, especially MDs 🙂

    • Advert….Please use rituximab, cladribine B cell depleting agents as you are going to have to wait for ocreliziumab;-)

      Love the frog spawn follicles.

    • In the USA films they always have the baddies with non-USA accents typically British, so is this a film by the baddies, or is it the Attenbourgh nature film effect:-)

    • Ha Ha you're going for the Attenbourgh effect, but we will have to ask our American readers, as the text is written in American English not British English or should I say Internet English.

      It is amazing you used to get reviewers who used to get on their high-horse about grammar in papers, but now British English is being airbrushed out of science and with internationalisation of Britsh Science many of the people in Labs learn internet/TV english and that means Amercian English is becoming the norm in some cases.


  • I miss the videos of neurons and the flashing lights when there is an impulse. Also, why is there always a British narrator for the videos? Does the accent connotate an aire of intelligence above say an American Southern drawl?:-)

  • What do you use if your disease is no longer active but damage is still occurring?
    So far we've been offered nothing:+/

    • I think I would try to get "something" as long as there is some evidence of activity (new T2 lesions or especially Gd enhancing lesions on MRI). Change neurologist if you have to, doctors differ in their views and how aggressive they want to go with treatment.

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