#GuestPost & #NeuroSpeak: Dr James Overell describes the DMT toolbox

New digital tools for MS clinical practice available on Neuro-Compass. #GuestPost #Neurospeak

I hope you are enjoying our flurry of guest posts? We are deliberately trying to increase the number; we know that you are bored of hearing the same-old stuff from us over-and-over again. 

A few week’s ago I was introduced to Neuro-Compass a web-portal for HCPs working in the MS space. I was particularly impressed with the DMT Toolbox to help decision-making around DMTs in clinical practice. I have always wanted to create a tool like this for pwMS, but have not had the time. James Overell a colleague of mine, who works in Glasgow, led on the development of this particular feature of the portal. When I saw him at the UK MS Debating Society meeting a few weeks ago I extracted a guest post out of him for the blog. 

James produced, or his team at Neuro-Compass, produced a fully formatted post with pictures, etc. in the form of a word document. To save time I have embedded the post as a PDF. If I had to reformat this using HTML, on blogger, it would have taken at least 30 minutes and probably longer. If you don’t mind reading guest posts as embedded documents we could use this format more often and increase the number of posts. I have also asked Professor David Bates, the chairman of the Neuro-Compass site to do a guest post as well to explain the aim of the site. 

Please let us know what you think of the portal? Dr Overell has agreed to answer questions on the post for the next 7 days; so please keep him busy. 

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