Cause of multiple sclerosis

As all is quiet on the MS News and twitter front, so I will
not rush a post out today.

You can have it tomorrow.

However, whilst MS awareness week started
with a media-bang of the “Discovery of the cause of MS”, science emerged
yesterday of something that actually contributes to the cause of MS, but has
gone largely un-noticed by the media so far. 

Two stories on the cause of MS in
a week…unlikely. 

This points the finger at our subject of the week…Yep the B

The first turned out to be a bit of Fake News and the
results reported was information that turned out to be a consequence. What had
been found helps us understand damage a better but does not get us to a cause.

However, yesterday science news emerged which does speak to
the cause of MS. This cause is suggested to be because of a………….
I’ll explain tomorrow. Does it lead us to the cure?….Far from it.

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