MS news maybe you will get access to fampridine

I was speaking to a pwMS and they told me that the company Acorda developing fampridine with Biogen has lost its patents in a court case, meaning that from 2018, generic fampridine may become available.

At present it has not got the NICE seal of approval and is not considered cost effective and so in many place you get no access.
Although there are surely a few more court battles to be had.

The price should drop and create greater access, but whilst checking this out, it seems the company has shed 20% of its staff.

So it is a business and a brutal business at that.

So it is about the bottom line

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  • I've read that fampridine can increase the risk of having seizures. Even if there is no previous history of seizures.
    I'm not sure I would want to take the risk.

    • Well.. then any activity, including activities suggested by ProfG under "Brain health" initiative, should cause further degeneration either, hehe

  • ProfG and other bloggers, what is your opinion on the point above, that Fampridine can put more pressure on existing axons and cause further degeneration? I have been taking F for a few years and am an interested party! Thanks, would love to know your thoughts

    • it was a theorectical possibility. Our ion channel guy was not so sure. We went to Biogen with a view to investigate this, but they wouldn't go near this idea..the data isnt there
      What peoples experiences if they stopped drug.. i.e. how did it compare with before taking it

    • I'd like to know too, as I take F – does that suggest to you, MD, that Biogen know the data's not too good, or that they haven't bothered looking – I'd like to think it's just that they haven't bothered….

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