World MS Day

Today is World MS day
A message from BartsMS
P.S. It’s really only 4 minutes long….Have a look
You can view ProfG and DrK through his Rose-tinted Glasses.

To get any new initiative off the ground you often need pilot data and this takes resource. We have launched BartsMS Charity as vehicle that may allow that to happen in a more timely manner. 
It may allow us to tackle your research questions, as a 2-way process, if they are appropriate.
Please note BartsMS Charity is not a stand alone charity, but a dedicated fund held by Queen Mary University of London, which has charitable status
We chose this solution – rather than starting a charity from scratch – to keep any associated administrative cost at a minimum. Indeed, they are currently zero, i.e. all donations to BartsMS will go 100% towards the objectives we have outlined.

If people like what we do, then this is a place they can go, to help us to help people with MS.
Just go to the drop down menu on this page and chose destination “01. Barts MS”. Any amount will help!

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