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    • Ah, Anna's been out-sourcing 😉
      Hope you've got plenty for another advent calendar? Keeps us all smiling 🙂

    • No idea why Mr Grumpy (generic term) follows this blog. My only personal gripe is so many people posting as anon, gets very confusing. Plus if you're going to criticise it should be done with a tag imho

    • Yeah we can never tell if it grumpy from Tunbridge the headmaster.
      I think they think they are funny.
      If they use a smiley face we might get the joke.

    • My only personal gripe is so many people posting as anon, gets very confusing. Plus if you're going to criticise it should be done with a tag imho

      Why? Why not allow anonymous criticisms? MS world is a dangerous place, i don't want my name associated with it 🙂 or a mythical persona.

      Interestingly, I did find that a lot more comments were NOT posted when they were posted from a regular profile v. anonymous.

      That's when I stopped posting with a persona 🙂

      Now i just enjoy the Anonymous persona. You'd think I'd want to be more distinctive than that but it turns out all I want deep inside is to be just like everyone else 😀

  • I thought we'd told you to get rid of the stupid knitted mice. I'm having a bonfire this weekend if you want to bring them round. I'll provide you with a burger and a can of Tenants Extra as we watch those pathetic toy mice burn (with your stupid jumpers and that silly ponytail)

    • Not your best effort, C minus, see me after school.
      PS environmental health say your bonfire would be a breach of regulations.
      PS the mice are felt not knitted.

    • Thanks to Donald Trump I can have a huge bonfire. I'll burn EAE research papers. I'll also burn the breakthough research papers produced by Team G. As there are none of the latter I'll have to burn back copies of my beloved Daily Telegraph. You should be back in Wales MD2 so you cast your vote next week for Plaid Cym??

    • 1. I'm afraid to say our current papers are electronic so they don't burn…we've gone paperless…it's ecofirendly you know.

      2. Try Andrex it's cheaper, burns better and a more interesting read than the Telegraph:-).

      3. Get the bonfire stoked you don't know what's round the corner.

      4. What's does a breakthrough paper contain in your eyes?

      Please this question is serious, and open to non-big-mouths:-).

      It will be interesting to say what you think this is.
      I wonder how many people attain one and can a basic scientist ever have one?

      In contrast to what Mr Angry may think there are papers for his fire.

    • Breakthrough paper:

      – confirms (definitive) whether EBV is the cause of MS and how it drives the disease, or
      – confirms (definitive) the exact role of T cells and B cells, or
      – identifies an agent which will provide protection for axons / nerve cells from dying off, or
      – identifies an agent which encourages axons / nerve cells to regenerate, or
      – identifies how to make alemtuzumab even more effective and shuts down the secondary auto-immunity .

      Have a good weekend

    • Or… On the other side of the coin, might want save those papers .vs. burning them. Perhaps you can sell them on a street corner to help pay for your medications costs with Trumpcare-less.

      Or perhaps you might want save that bonfire, you might need heat your house with it as contrary to concept, exiting a environmental health accord is going to cost businesses already in transition brutally. We have three local to us just in the local news stating this will cost them over 5500 jobs total and our energy provider already dumped coal to invest in new energy forms. Now, they have zero incentive as they are quite certain the wont be able compete in the globally, Trump having handed prospects to China.

      Or… Perhaps you can cuddle Trumps bosom and beg he forgive your sins.

  • A breakthrough paper would address the cause of progression of MS. There is no approved treatment, except Ocrevus in the USA, which is indicated only for PPMS for whatever stupid reason as there is no discernible difference between SPMS and PPMS.

    The current MS research chooses to be "stuck" in this inflammatory mode only. It has almost completely ignored neuro-protection, remyelination and neuro-restoration. Since most MS patients (85%) will eventually progress to SPMS in 15 years after dx of RRMS, maybe research should start to change or balance it's focus .

    RRMS may be scary to a patient during relapses but even scarier is to get progressive MS for which there is very little one can do about it.


    • Yep, many of us will remember the 'sorry there's nothing I can offer you' moment followed by 'see you in six months' ok, er, why?



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