Liver problem after generic glatiramer acetate: Cop Wars

Sabatino JJ Jr, Mehta NJ, Kakar S, Zamvil SS, Cree BAC. Acute liver injury in a Glatopa-treated patient with MS. Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm. 2017 Jun 5;4(4):e368.

Recently ProfG reported on a case of liver problems after daclizumab. This has happened after treatment with CRAB drugs and this is a case report of a new generic copaxone. It was reported that there the problem occurred after a few injections. So if you are using the generic version please be vigilant. 

Teva has been trying to argue that their random mix of amino acids is different (even batches made by Teva are different) from others random mixes, adding to the issues of the Cop Wars. 

As this is the World’s leading MS drug in terms of Sales, it is not surprising that other manufacturers want a slice of the pie. No wonder there are so many court cases with the generics companies,

Just think for every few months that production of the generics and sales are held up due to legal actions, how much is made on the sales. 6 months = $2 billion so bung a few million to patent lawyers is good business.

I think it shows safety and ease of monitoring for the neurologist, tops it over higher efficacy.

This event has been reported in the original glatiramer acetate but occurs rarely. Since approval, over 300 cases of Copaxone-associated liver-related abnormalities were reported to the United States Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA). I am sure if there are more we will hear of them

CoI: Some of authors have received funding in numerous ways from Teva…however their patients were using competitor drug

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  • Not only do they sell a literally totally worthless medication, they don't respect the patent laws that exist and use lawsuits to try and prevent generics emerging even long after their patent has expired.

    What a totally and utterly disastrous system. I think we need to simply outlaw drug companies and extend public funding to the latter stages of drug development including trials and release to the public.

    • Are so many people wrong…it is the most prefered treated, but your suggestion that public funding can bring drugs to market is unlikely its too expensive. You need to overhaul the regulatory process

    • No one with money 'respects' patent law and they all use litigation for strategic reasons.

      Outlawing drug companies and supporting research only with public funds seems a bit socialist to me.

      While I call myself a socialist at heart, I struggle to think of a socialist or communist system with leading equitable and sustainable healthcare. I'm not talking about things like Castro's achievements in Cuba – I'm talking about being a world leader in research and provision of healthcare.

  • "how much is made on the sales. 6 months = $2 billion so bung a few million to patent lawyers is good business."

    And were we are taking this snake oil because the neuros want to go to the next ECTRIMS "GIG" paid by Bigpharma
    We are the " disposable teens"

  • Great, taking a CRAB drug generic that not only has zero effect on disability, just like original Copaxone, but is now shown to actually shown to harm patients. Prescribing neurologists should be proud!

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